How To Pick The Best Running Shoes?

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Running shoes comes in various types for different purposes. Therefore, how to know which running shoe is for you and will suit you best is a little bit complicated. Yet, not now, as this article aims to offer what you need.

Whether you are looking forward to running shoes for training on trails, marathon races, or comfortable regular running, this article can be your ultimate guide to understand what will suit you best. So, keep reading to get to clear all your queries related to how to pick the best running shoes.

Here are five steps you must follow before picking your running shoes;

5 Steps To Pick The Best Running Shoes

How To Pick The Best Running Shoes

1# Understand The Running Surface On Which You Run

Before picking any running shoe, you have to understand the surface type on which you run to choose the best. If you run on walkways or sidewalks more, then the road shoes are for you.

Trail or lightweight running shoes are for you if your running track is more cushioning to make you resistant to the shock and evade the risk of injuries. Trail shoes with a deep tread are also best for the soft and muddy running tracks or even for an uneven trail. Do make sure that you do not wear the trail shoes on pavements as they can wear away instantly because of the studs.

Yet, if you want an all-in-one running shoe that is for both terrains or road walks, then get your hands on hybrid shoes. It works perfectly for all types of running tracks while gives you an additional grip, cushioning, and comfort all along.

Do understand the level of your surface and gait, and then decide what you require. Additional information related to all type of running shoes are below, so keep reading for the details.

2# Analyze Your Gait And Get The Right Fit

To get the right fitting is the essential requirement of every runner. It makes your running experience comfortable and convenient enough without causing you any pain. So, do analyze the gait of your foot and get the right fit.

 It is surprising but important to note that the socks that you wear also make a significant difference in the fitting of your shoes. So, make sure that you wear the same pair of socks that you use to wear when running while getting your gait analyzed or go shopping for suitable running shoes.

Technical running socks are preferable as they offer more support and protection and avoid using cotton socks, a humble suggestion.

3# Select The Specific Shoe Type That Suits You Best

Out of the number of running shoe types, it is daunting to choose anyone, and before buying running shoes, the things that you have to keep in mind is that flexibility, durability, support, and protection comes first. There are running shoes for every run type, for every gender, and even every foot.

There are several types of running shoes like motion, cushioned, stability, lightweight, and trail.

Motion control running shoes are for those people who have flat feet or overpronates. It offers rigidity to your toe, absorbs the additional shock, and corrects your running gait cycle.

Cushion running shoes offer a rolling motion and reduce the shock at your feet, leaving behind a comfortable running experience even if your feet underpronate or are unable to roll enough.

Stability running shoes provide a stable and balanced motion while offering durability and support. It also provides cushioning and medial support.

Lightweight running shoes, as evident by the name, are more flexible and light in weight. They have a minimal weight, therefore, offer a resilient cushioning effect and even make you feel like you have worn nothing at all. They are one of the most comfortable running shoes as they do not make the feet fatigue from running for long and also protect it from any type of injury or pain.

Trail running shoes are designed especially for rocky and rugged terrains. They offer the features like Gore-Tex liners, midfoot wraps, and rubber soles that form a strain between your foot and trail to give you the comfort and durability that you need.

4# Is It Necessary To Buy Trendy Running Shoes?

Brands or Trends should not be a priority when it comes to running shoes. We can understand that temptations are strong, and you should avoid them to choose wisely and more nicely. It is important to note here that it is not like you can not consider brandy shoes.

You can but make sure that it fits you perfectly and gives you the adequate comfort that you deserve. So, go with the functionality and do not depend on the brand. Above all, do try it before getting your hands on one. Fitting causes many inconveniences if slightly indifferent.

5# Understand The Worth Before Paying Bugs

Most of the running shoes have high price tags, and the myth that the cheaper shoes are not for running is also worsening the case. So first of all, clear your mind that there is no difference between expensive and cheap running shoes as far as you know your type and which shoe will fit you the best.

To sum up, the running shoes are not that expensive. A single qualitative pair of running shoes can hardly cost you $100 to $250. Yet, you have to choose the right type of shoe according to the surface type, your feet, and the comfort level that you want.

If you’d like to share any tip i.e. how did you pick the best running shoes, please share in comment box.

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