10 Best Ergo Tools For Home

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With the ever changing work dynamics, a new concept of Ergo tools have emerged. If you haven’t already heard about these amazing ergonomic home office essentials then you are surely in for a treat.

Ergo tools are tools that are designed keeping the human factor in mind. If you are a newbie to the work-from-home community or have always been working from home, you would know how important it is to have a proper home office setup.

How To Set Up A Home Office?

An ideal home office setup would have a secluded corner to start off. Then you would need all your electronic gadgets: your laptop, pc etc. Lastly and most importantly you would need to have ergonomic tools installed.

Many people fail to understand the need for the right chair, table and accessories that can greatly impact your work. Studies have shown, ever since the shift in work dynamics, people have been reporting higher levels of fatigue.

One of the major reasons for this fatigue is the lack of Ergo tools at home.

Top 10 Ergo Tools For Home

Best Ergo Tools For Home

Now that we know how important it is to install Ergo tools, let’s jump right into our 10 favorite ergonomics Home office essentials.

1.   FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

We all need a work desk that offers a compact look but is spacious. Well you have wishes answered, this desk has so much to offer. It provides ample amount of space to keep your monitor, laptop, notebook along with your snacks and brew.

Moreover, the adaptive lever on this desk helps you adjust height as per your need. You can easily adjust the table as per your sitting position. This unique feature makes this a perfect option if the home office is used by multiple people.

2.   ComHoma 36 inch Standing Desk Converter

ComHoma 36 inch Standing Desk Converter

Are you a person who keeps on shifting work space. For people who like to change sitting positions would absolutely fall in love with this desk. This 36 inch wide desk offers ample space for you to keep up to 2 monitors, notebook and other small gadgets.

Moreover, the keyboard tray is designed keeping in mind the pressure that is placed on hand when excessive typing.

It is easy to install and can be adjusted for different positions. If you would want to sit or stand, this desk would be your sturdy yet flexible companion.

3.   Ergonomic Laptop stand for desk

If you already have a desk in your office and need some flexibility for your laptop, then this stand will help you out alot. This laptop stand for desk is a simple yet very cool ergo tool that you can get your hands on.

The stand is ideal for various laptop models from 10 inch to 17 inch. It is adjustable and sturdy. With this stand, you can adjust the height of your laptop while using it for multiple purposes.

The best part?

It helps declutter your desk.

4.   Aelfox Memory Foam Wrist Rest

Aelfox Memory Foam Wrist Rest


Do long hours of typing and using the mouse put strain on your wrist? This amazingly simple yet effective wrist rest is truly out of this world. This wrist rest is designed using memory foam which provides support to your hands.

Moreover, the rubber grip prevents any form of slippage. It comes for both keyboard and mouse and is designed keeping in mind all keyboards and mouse, thus one size fits all.

5.   Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


What is the worst thing about sitting on a chair for long hours? Crouching. Besides neck and back pain, crouching can lead to a hump which is not only unhealthy but looks unappealing too.

This kneeling chair is designed to support your neck and back while ensuring that your posture is not compromised. Its adjustable height helps you achieve a sitting position that works best for you.

6.   Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair


Have you ever dozed off in a meeting? Long zoom meetings tend to push a snooze button in us. Main reason for losing focus when working for long hours is the position we sit in.

This balance ball chair is a perfect mix of yoga on a chair. It comes with a detachable ball that inflates upto 52 cm height. With the constant need for balancing on the ball, you tend to focus more thus, increasing productivity.

7.   Sidanli White Ergonomic Office Chair

Sidanli White Ergonomic Office Chair


This chair is a perfect mix of modern design and comfort. Made of PU leather, it not only adds elegance to your home office space but brings in the best ergonomic features.

Made with a thick cushion and long back, this chair provides comfort even if it is sat on for long hours. A perfect ergo tool that is essential for a contemporary home office.

8. ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion


Sitting for long hours on a chair can take a toll on your back. From extreme lower back pain to fatigue on the shoulder blade, it can get really bad.

This comfort seat cushion is designed keeping in mind the tailbone. It is made of 100% memory foam and is completely non-slip and orthopedic. If you want to make a small adjustment to your home office then this ergo tool will definitely come in handy.

9. Mind Reader Comfy Rest


Let’s talk about feet. Sitting for an extensive period can create a numbing sensation in your feet and create pressure on your ankles. This angled footrest alleviates stress on your body and while the small swivel provides flexibility.

This footrest is perfect for those who like to stretch their legs, it is adjustable and flexible, so you can easily move your feet and relieve stress from ankles.

10. LightEase Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk Cushion

LightEase Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk Cushion

If you are looking for something simple then this cushion would do wonders for you. The foot rest is ergonomically designed and provides your feet with support and height which helps remove swelling from feet.

Moreover, this footrest can also be used for lower back support. Its long lasting design is worth every penny. Trust us, you would love it!

Ergo tools have totally changed the work dynamics. If you already have a home office setup or are planning to create one, these ergonomic home office supplies will definitely add comfort to your work space. All of these ergo tools are affordable and worth the investment. Let’s start focusing on our health, because the more comfortable we are, the better our productivity will be.

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