Who We Are
Of #1 importance to ShareASale, is the set of values that we represent. We believe in fair business practices, socially responsible individuals, and a general concept of “doing the right thing.” It is our goal to hire like-minded professionals and grow a positive, socially altruistic workplace. Additionally, we operate with a customer-first mentality and are always prepared to go the extra mile for our clients.

The Awin Group Story
In 2017, Awin acquired one of North America’s largest platforms, ShareASale. ShareASale has been a pure-play affiliate marketing network, successfully growing its business by nurturing relationships, building cutting-edge technology and guiding clients to success in affiliate marketing since 2000. As a leading network in the US, ShareASale is known as a fair and ethical business partner with a goal of supporting performance-based partnerships.

With over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience for both Awin and ShareASale, our trusted platforms offer a global community of people, technology and business intelligence insights. No matter what type of partner, level of service, or tools your business needs, the Awin Group provides solutions to drive sustainable growth.

Part of the Axel Springer and United Internet Groups, with Commission Factory, Awin and ShareASale are powered by 15 offices worldwide, over 1,000 employees, 225,000+ contributing publishers and 16,550+ advertisers. Connecting businesses with customers around the world across the retail, telecommunications, travel and finance verticals, the Awin Group generated $14 billion in revenue for its advertisers and $1 billion for its publishers globally in the last financial year.

Together, we are affiliate marketing.

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About ShareASale

Of #1 significance to ShareASale, is the arrangement of values that we address. We have confidence in fair strategic policies, socially dependable people, and an overall idea of "making the best decision." It is our objective to enlist similar experts and grow a positive, socially selfless working environment. Furthermore, we work with a client first mindset and are arranged all the time to exceed everyone's expectations for our clients.